Tuesday, June 21, 2011

[CloudAV & Forum News]: v1.5, new homepage & even more ;)

Fellow PCAV users,

as many of you probably noticed, stable/final version of Panda CloudAV 1.5 has been released. 

Main changes:

  • PCAV is even faster & consuming even less system resources now
  • GUI (graphics) has been changed a little bit, including new installer
  • there are new configuration options
  • many bugs were fixed


  • both Free & PRO versions 1.4 are being upgraded to v1.5 automatically & transparently
  • PRO versions are being upgraded first
  • under Windows Starter & Home editions you will receive prompt to reboot your computer
  • if you are running PCAV 1.5 RC, you have to install 1.5 manually (uninstall 1.5 RC, reboot, download & install 1.5 final)

You also probably noticed, the homepage has been redesigned! 

See some screenshots and/or visit cloudantivirus.com

Then you might have noticed there is a new sub-forum called Contests & Giveaways, which implies we are planning many interesting possibilities for you how to get PCAV PRO or even more. In fact, keep an eye on that sub-forum, there may occur one of the contests very soon ;)

And one more thing. US customers can try new hotline, check

We hope you like the changes, as usual feel free to send us any comments or suggestions.

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