Thursday, May 26, 2011

[CloudAV]: Release Candidate of PCAV v1.5 is out!

Dear users, visitors,

release candidate version of Panda Cloud Antivirus 1.5 has been released today. Please note that this version is still not stable release, therefore is not suitable for every day use. The main goals of this version are: 

1. performance improvements
2. bug fixes

You can report any problems your experience with this RC on our Beta Forum (do not forget to add PCAV15RC tag to the subject of the thread).


  • Added new scan activity monitor on the main GUI screen showing scan speeds.
  • Added an "I like CloudAV" button to promote PCAV.
  • At the end of the installation users can now create an account for the technical support forum. This is completely optional.
  • Added an entry to the events report to show cache synchorinization events.
  • Added advanced configuration to turn on/off detection of Potentially Unwanted Programs.
  • Added advanced configuration for "BackgroundScan after synchronization" which is off by default.
  • Added advanced configuration for scanning compressed archives in on-demand scans which is off by default.
  • Added advanced configuration to allow for exclusions based on file extensions.
  • Added ability to hide or close the banner notification area.
  • Added advanced logs for detecting problems with early license expiration issues.
  • Fixed error when trying to open PCAV right after install.
  • Fixed problems registering with Windows Security Center.
  • Fixed access violation in PSUNSuspects.dll when opening console.
  • Fixed protected Lost&Found directory priviledges which prevented restoration of files.
  • Fixed Error Code 11 when trying to undo an exclusion for a file which has been deleted from the drive.
  • Fixed Error Code 11 when trying to insert into the Recycle Bin a file which was also excluded from the scan.
  • Fixed error which prevented opening the GUI and showing the traybar icon.

Source, more information & download: 

  • RC v1.5 is (logically) predecessor of beta v1.9 (future 2.0 final) released some time ago, final v1.5 will be released before v2.0
  • RC v1.5 won't be automatically upgraded to stable/final version (1.5) 
  • unlike beta 1.9, v1.5 RC comes in 2 editions, you need an activation code in order to activate PRO version of 1.5; there is only one installer, you can choose Free or PRO at the end of installation X Beta 1.9 is "PRO" by default

unlike Beta 1.9, v1.5 comes in 2 editions

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