Tuesday, May 10, 2011

[CloudAV & Forums]: HOWTOs - video tutorials

When helping users on our Support Forums, mainly when it comes to malware infections, we [Mods] ask users for one thing: PCAV's Events report. And sometimes users don't know how to export it, specifically where to find it. 

Personally, I always post following canned speech:
Open your Panda CloudAV. Click on "see the events report", click on the diskette icon ("Save report") (.txt), attach the report to your next post.
Well, it is not that clear, isn't? Being a user who usually does not mess around his/her antivirus GUI, I would probably not find the Events report either.

That's why I decided to record short video tutorials. It is actually one of the ideas which is in our minds [Mods] for a quite long time. Personally, I prefer static picture tutorials, mainly when it comes to something more difficult and long, so the user can read the instructions slowly, carefully and repeatedly. Of course you can pause and rewind every video clip, but still... The video tutorial has to be damn good in order to defeat picture tutorial in my eyes. 

I have recorded 3 very short video tutorials. With no further effects, with no voice commentary. 1. my video editing capabilities are almost zero, 2. you would certainly not like my voice with strong Czech accent & my let's say elementary English skills.

So, here are the videos (play them on YouTube to see enlarged versions):

HOWTO Save PCAV's Events Report (PCAV Beta 1.9)

HOWTO Save PCAV's Events Report (PCAV 1.4)

Also, users sometimes cannot find where they can attach the report when posting a thread on our Support Forums. Following video clip will demonstrate this.

Hopefully those will help someone to find what they were looking for :) 

As usual don't be shy to post any feedback under comments ;)


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