Friday, May 6, 2011

[CloudAV]: Beta 1.9 interface

Dear users,

as you know, beta 1.9 of Panda CloudAV has been released recently. You don't want to install beta and still want to see its new interface? No problem, I recorded 2 short video clips and made several screenshots for you. First video is showing beta's interface, second one demonstrating new installer. Enjoy! :)


see new Process Monitor

Process Monitor

new advanced config options

new exclusions for extensions

You can post any bugs or suggestion on our Supports Forum:

Also feel free to post any feedback here under comments ;)


  1. Soluto told me that Panda Cloud Antivirus added 50 seconds to my boot up time... I removed it.

  2. @Sushubh, hm, Panda CloudAV performs a boot scan, therefore it might be 50 seconds. i think it would be interesting to do some testing with other AV solutions and CloudAV on other computers. plus i am not sure how accurate Soluto app is. note that i am not trying to excuse the result, mainly 'cause i am not sure about this part of PCAV's performance.

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  4. @SK, i deleted your comment as it was off-topic - i don't see a reason to promote other free AV solution(s) in the blogpost about PCAV GUI. if you would have compared their GUI's, then it would be ok ;)

    @Sushubh, try PCAV 1.5 (RC or wait for stable release), it should be faster :)