Friday, April 29, 2011

2011 IIHF Championship fraudlant web-sites

Today, world ice hockey championship started. Criminals are abusing this event, they released several fraudlant professionally looking web-sites offering up-to-date championship info, contest with some nice prizes etc. You have to create an account there to receive the data and have a chance to win; while in fact you "agree" with license agreements/terms of service which makes you pay around 50 euros. Be aware of these web-sites, avoid them!!! 

Monday, April 4, 2011

[Forum News]: Improvements


  • Issues with virus, spyware and other threats sub-forum has been renamed to Virus Issues.
  • Xandora sandbox sub-forum has been created under Miscellaneous category.
  • Beta versions sub-forum has been moved from Miscellaneous to Panda Cloud Antivirus category
As the authors of the threads are sometimes unable to find the thread they created or where they replied we decided to implement auto-subscription,
  • Auto-subscription: From now on whenever you post a new threat, or reply to an existing one, you will be automatically watching the thread, therefore you will receive e-mail notifications.
  • Private Messages: From now on whenever someone sends you a private message, you’ll receive an e-mail notification as well.