Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Behind The Scenes #02: Trusted Mods' secret project

Time to compose new article from the Behind The Scenes series has come, here it is:

Those with facebook account or people reading our official blog regularly might have recently noticed two news: 

  1. official FB profile for Panda CloudAV: 
  2. if you look closer to the FB profile, you might notice quite surprising link:
It has not been announced elsewhere, so almost no one knew about CloudAV Wiki. Yes, you are right, it "leaked" :) However, the truth is not so dramatic as it may look like. The thing is, we - Trusted Mods, started to work on the Wiki few months ago (we thought there should be something what would provide handy and more transparent information about Panda CloudAV than it is possible at the Forum - it is quite annoying and rather difficult to find desired info on the Forum; + additional useful IT security related info). 

But we are quite busy guys, you know ;) Therefore the development is rather slow. Then, PS (Panda Security) decided to create CloudAV FB profile; on this occasion pbust (Official Mod) published the Wiki link. The only "problem" was, we did not agree on when the wiki will be published as it is in decent state now, but not finished. (You don't have to apologize, pbust, you are the boss :) Ok, seriously, i mean it. We planned to publish it soon anyway).

So as the wiki is public now, we would like to know your opinions, comments, suggestions - what would like to see in there? We make it for you, users. Thanks.

Btw, there is Forum Mods photo gallery on the FB profile: :)

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