Friday, October 29, 2010

PCA Forums contest - chance to win PRO license!

Dear friends,

The PR team at Panda Security gave ten keys to give away to some users who answer a couple questions in the thread below.

Answer one or all the questions, whatever you know (or have heard) anything on. The drawing will take place Sunday.

Special thanks to kilps for organizing this contest ;-)

//UPDATE November 2nd, 2010

The contest is over.

Congratulations all winners!

Note for those who did not win (or missed our contest): thank you for participation! and...i cannot guarantee that, but i guess this was not the last contest ;-) (don't ask me when you can expect another one, i don't know that :))

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Panda CloudAV 1.3.0 is out!

PCA 1.3 has been released today.

For more details see

You also have a chance to get PRO version completely free! ;-) Check out (beginning of the article).

I hope you will enjoy 1.3 like i do.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Behind The Scenes #01 - Trusted Mods

I would like to introduce you "Behind The Scenes" - group of articles consisting of various information about what is happening and what you might be interested in regarding PCA Support Forums.

This my first Behind The Scenes Topic:
#01 Trusted Mods
If you know our Support Forums, then you surely know, there are 2 groups of Moderators:
Official Mods and Trusted Mods. Then you might be wondering, what does it mean "Trusted" & "Official" Moderator. What is the difference between them? Who are these people?

Introducing New Forum feature - Rich Text Formatting

Dear PCAV friends,

I am proudly introducing new forum feature - Rich Text formatting. Finally, you can change the text color, see all available emoticons etc.  The only feature I am missing is "embed media" (at least pictures) feature.


I think this feature does not need more comments. Maybe only that it is (unfortunately) not working under Chromium based web-browsers (Google Chrome, SRWare Iron, Comodo Dragon etc.), Opera and Safari.

For a comparison, I am also including "Plain Text" screenshot. As you can see, previously there were not many possibilities how to format your text.

I hope you will enjoy this feature as I do. Thank you Forum Admins!

visit PCA Support Forums at 

Official vs. Unofficial PCAV Blog

You might be interested why would anyone create another blog. So am I :) I got this idea some time ago when i lived in China, where it is not possible (or it can be difficult - for someone) to access many popular social media/networks - including and - popular blogging services. Therefore i got this - hunger - to mess around blogging...

Second reason is that i am afraid certain topics are not allowed to be published at "official" (Panda's) media - i wanted some place for ordinary chit chat, not serious IT security related stuff, maybe something controversial not suitable for official blog.

I don't know, when creating this blog i did not plan to keep it. 

We are currently discussing blogging internally at our (official) forum :) When you won't be able to access this blog, it means i deleted it ;-)

Oh, and here is the Official Panda CloudAV Blog: 
and PCA Support Forums:

First post

Hi there!

This new blog is intended to be a place for content which would not or could not be published on various Panda's websites.

Maybe it won't be successful, maybe it will be forgotten before anyone starts actually reading it, maybe no one (including myself) will submit any content here. We'll see :)